The women fell down on the ground

With pain inside her making sound

Like the shrill on the highest mountain

And the man hearing this just left everything

And rushed to know what his better half is doing

Then they boy rushed to the medical

Hoping to get a baby like a Barbie doll

Beautiful as the beauty like that of the women

And strong like the man like that of the mountain

The doc seeing this admitted her in

Called out the nurses

Who’s wearing white white clothes on?

As the clocks begins its tick tock

The women shrills in her 57 Del

And I salute to all this mothers

Who have given the birth all to us?

Cause I will never feel the pain (inside me)

And I will never know how it feels

But now I just want to say

Hurray oh hurray

Let us celebrate

The child and the child is born at last

Seeing this the doc said

O god the baby is beautiful

(he/she) is splendid and strong

Making the man and women

Ever cool (parents)

Let us celebrate

Oh yeah baby I’m so happy

And giving you chocolates to eat yeah

I don’t know what to say to you

I’m just spell bound

Oh khunsuti oh my khunsuti

So even you got the magic wand

To make this mystery happen

Oh yeah yeah

Joanna oh Joanna

may you live forever………


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