A perfect Bday sing

As the star glitters in the night sky
The moon wishes to say you hi
As the glorious past year dawns and ends
With high hopes you start again
For others may 1 st jan be the same
The starting point of the year
But for you oh my friend
You just began your year
With the strings of guitar
And the vocalists sing
May i wish you birthday
A happy and a joyous one
My wishes are all the same
May this new year,  be you nurtured
In what you do the best
With this short lil prayer i do for you
And i stop writing my poem
And dont forget to party tonight
For this is your day
Or Another one more year
You will have to wait
With hugs and kisses
and a heart full of love
of mine im giving
To you just for today..
Nothing more to write my friend
For everything I’ve said
My wishes for the best for you
And the love of Christ
Do make you perfect
Happy birthday. 2 to you..


Any word of your's on mine?

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