I SALUTE ( 7cupsoftea.com listener. Song)

Cloud 9 (21)

And for the listener like u i address
Who gain the trust of the nation’s at test
Who make the people smile back again
I salute u once again.
We have fears of own
But we are like soldiers deep below
With all our pros and our cons
We fight till me break  the bond
Of all the members who come to us
with hurdles of their own
It’s us after all who land in their world
To fight and place things in order at last
To give them hugs and kisses and sow the seeds of love
When they cry aloud and even forget to laugh
Our love bonds one another
To take  7 cups dream a bit more higher
Yes my friend we may  fall sometime but trust me
Not in 1 single day Rome was built after all.
Days come and goes by
Yet we stand with our hands open wide
To help the humanity with what we can
I salute u for your courage man
for all the dedication you guys show
I love you with all my heart though
Cause we are one family united afterall
The same blood and vision we share in all.


Any word of your's on mine?

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