7cupsoftea.com Official song !!!

When you feel low upset or sad
When you feel no one is all you have
When all u want to do, is just.shed your tears
Because your afraid of your own fears
When your tired of fighting your own demons
Or your love just left cutting the ribbons
Breaking every bond you just had a few minutes before
And When you feel your life is empty
Depressed isolated from everyone likely
Frustrated to the point that you
” just want someone,yes someone who will hear. “
My friend, dont be afraid you’re not alone,just come near
For we the listener, dedicate ourselves 
With the vision “that we will hear”
For we are not a only website though
Hitting the the world wide in the flow
We are an amazing family though 
with all our dear’s and all our near.
All we do care is imagine your smile
That you can start to love your life
That your life doesn’t feels burned anymore
But you can feel free to live once more 
That your heart desires to beat again
And your lungs inhale the cool breeze just after the rain
That a new chapter in your life just begun
With the seeds of joy, peace and love shown
We would be glad if you become a part of us
And give us the opportunity to serve you tea in our cups
To take back on us all your cross 
Welcome my friend to 7 Cups


Any word of your's on mine?

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