This is my story

I was an atheist though born of Christian parents

 I lost my faith, because of so many questions

I wanted to know what Religion is, or why I am a Christian

Or who is the person who made this Religion

I wanted to know why we follow that person on the Cross

But there was no answer and none to ask

Everybody said just follow it because that’s written in the book of Law

I thought who you are  to give me the law

Then I broke all my ties with the Church of Love

And as usual was getting destroyed without my Life’s purpose

Then I met women maybe an angel sent from Heaven

Yes my best friend she is, who changed my life

Giving me the answers & bringing me to Christ’s side

Now I am here standing here like a warrior

To be that answer to those who desire

To embrace the humanity with hope love and peace

To give them the touch of Christ though me Amen.

Cloud 9 (22)


Any word of your's on mine?

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