Teachers Day Special

On the trumpets sounds
Which are mighty and loud
The days end has begun
The mighty war of 36 years/6 months have finally been won
Leaders come and goes by but legends are truly born
Not by the law of normal birth but in the hearts of all
Not many are born with the luck to be guided by one
But we are thankful to the you sire for nurturing us as your own son

Have you seen the sun which is the alpha and omega of life
In the times of dark to who give us light
Like that uni source of energy mass sir
You inspire us all
When the mighty time flows by,
And life becomes fragile
Its is the works which will keep you immortal
For years after all
Centuries will pass but memories will last
To guide us when we are wrong
And love us to make us strong
No words are there to describe you sir,
For st Lawrence/We saw its/Our Golden Years/TImes
Under your reign dear Rajat sir/Mohit Sir
Thank you sire for everything ones again.


Any word of your's on mine?

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