The Warrior

Cloud 9 (23)

Have you seen a warrior
Deep below your skin
Who fights the most deadly battle beneath
Who unseath the sword within fighting so many battles of all
Can you predict where a battle ends
Unless you leave the ground that is blood stained
And loose all hope that victory will not be yours
My friend,  that would have been the story
For those warrior who are not real
But you my mate you are pure of all
The times come the Time  goes by
Waiting for none just like the tide
Remember who you are today
Remember how many lives you’ve saved
Remember that you are immortal in hearts of so many after all
In the days end all I can say is God can make mountains awake
My prayers are with you my friend
So believe in the miracles
Believe that you will win
You have to save more like me
Who have been weak  fighting battles of our own
Remember, oh my savior that you will win afterall.


Any word of your's on mine?

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