The Last Stand

It was night and it was all over
We just had a fight and it broke over
No one left to fight to take back over

No one to blame cause we know how it came
No one to hand the issues over
Its like my life like a Roller Coaster
Made its way up to jump over

Remember the summer that we spent together
Oh the spring that was so amazing
The winter we had enough
To break all of my dreams

I planned to be with you
Forever on earth and after its end
I wanted to be with you
Together as we grew up and would have died

But why this came as an obstacle in my life
I thought I was on a Roller Coaster that goes up right
Life seemed to take the track down to earth again
Leaving me without you,  without hope,  all vulnerable

I cried out loud and said
Why?  Why did you do it
I never got an answer back
From that non living person

On my way back home upset I was
Thought of ending my life again got my trust
I didn’t knew what to do and what I shouldn’t
But I took a deep breath and said “Life please move on”

Every near soul that departed from my life
Will be always be there in my mind’s eye
Life though it will bring me on my knees, and would make me stop
But he never knew Christ who conquered Death is my Shield and My Rock
So they all  made me stronger than I ever was

Today as the days passed
I lead an army of Love
Pens and papers as my sword
To write my feelings out on earth
Taking the pledge not to hold anything back
And to make the stand though my words.


Any word of your's on mine?

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