I don’t know!

There was a time of happiness
I used to see the bright Sun of a Lovely Day
There was a Day called Sunday
I used to go to my brother oh hey

There was a life and a death
I chose to live the life again
But it tore me to pieces
I can’t count or imagine

There waa a year a golden one
I smelled the victory on ny own hands
There waa a million suns of pride
That took away all my life

There’s no ending of where im going
No one to say land ahoy
For no.shores can be seen ahead
For im travelling in a dead black ocean

I don’t know what will be next
I don’t know if my cry will ever be heard
Accepting myself is a myth to me
Don’t know what else to say

Im torn into pieces
A million or a trillion times
I’ve lost the count once again
I don’t know what will.happen

There was a life and there was death
I chose to live again
But pain never stops chasing you
Especially when you had a childhood

I waa lovely and a bubbly lad
But I’ve nothing not to be sad
I see death after me
Haunting my life in a speed

Counting my days in.agony
I don’t know what next to come
Day after day time only pass
No,  i don’t win not the battle is lost

No where to go no where to stop
Where did i do,  im.a burden to all
What do i know, who knows to love
Im only a dead weight to all

Whats my fault again?
I just wanted to live in my own way
Is that life worth dying
I really don’t know what I’ve to say

I thought i was a warrior though
Strong enough to take the battle on the. Road
But no im just a weak and  a slow
I’m just lost and I don’t know
What should i do or what i won’t.


Any word of your's on mine?

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