The No-One

Hey its a story of no-one
Or that’s what i call myself
I don’t what to say
Took a pen and a paper to write it away

I loved to do what its me
I wanted to be just me
I wanted to live life like tomorrow can’t be seen

I thought im a strong enough
To be the mad man running to the mountain top
To climb it up and go across

I just ddnt see it comming
Because never never throught that it was you
Or who are you i knw?

Everything else falls apart
Everyones just lost and lost
I see the pain inside you.

But i dont know what to say
I not here to write essay
On how ur just feel

Im broken apart
Into pieces i cant count
I am torn and drawn
Into the rough muddy road

Hey hey hey i dont know!!!
I don’t know


Any word of your's on mine?

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