Let the meteors shine
As they fall behind
The city walls
Let those blurred eyes
Watch the destruction
Of their own
Let all those who were strong
Who oppressed the weak
Feel the burden of their sins
Let all the weak stand affirm
And wear the royal robes of fur
Let all the hatred be consumed
By the fire of love
Let all the haters
Be washed by the water of the Cross
Let all those who are weak come forward
For heaven is yours first
Let all the dominants know
They must change
Or they will perish
Among the remains
Let all the meteors fall behind
Across the golden gates
Of the blind
Let the fire and the water
Cross their path to purify
Those who have gone apart
Let the light shine among the stars
Once again to the morning scars
Let  those scars be healed by the
Love which they are looking for.
Let the children come and the couple
Leaving Behind the scenes of dark 
Let they feel the love again
The bondage between women and Men
That is nothing but the loving heart, the light of Christ Jesus and the love in between Amen.


Any word of your's on mine?

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