Escape Plan

When the last light of the source
Seems fail to out source
The darkness within
But got engulfed in

When a ship travels accross the dead ocean
Not knowing where she is heading
A plain land or some rocky mountains
What is it the mistry that remains?

When bells of life
Are sounded the last time
Yet no one remaining
To call the arms
For honours beyond

When escape seems reality
And reality escape
You don’t take chances
To keep up the pace

When you’ve tasted durt in your face
And became astray
When you are mad and try to raze
When life says hold on
But sends waves to fight for
And When just Lost all the means
And the Castle is sure to fall

Then comes the plan
The Escape Plan
To make it certain
That one last attempt
For you to take
Together with your soul
And your goal
You leap into the hole
Where the fear is stored
And then you come home.
And then you come home.

A mistry beyond beauty
A maze of rays
And An ocean without any location
And a life without death
Isn’t that all that awaits
At the gates behind it#2

I’m waiting I’m waiting
I’m waiting.
Tick tock tick.


Any word of your's on mine?

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