Some Scars Never Goes No matter what you do.
Something will always be there to take out the Worst of You
Some Memories will never be erased No matter how hard you try
Someone will always be there to lie

Just try to wear the Mask
It will help you maybe
Or maybe not
Who the hell I’m to tell you what’s Right and what’s not

Just try to hang on the rope
A little more please
Cause there’s a paradise waiting
Believe me or not there’s a million sun’s light out there
To destroy your darkness and your despair

And there’s a prince or a princess
To love, something that they can afford to spare
And there’s a thousand chariots awaiting
At your disposal
Like you are of Nobel birth or the chosen one.

Alas my friend I know this little
If you want to find out more you just have to hold on still
For Once again I tell you
Wait is worth a while
If only something like this is called the Afterlife.


Any word of your's on mine?

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