Sometimes you say its enough
enough to bear what the life has given you
but alas there is no one
no one who can hear you
Why don’t you understand
that nothing can succeed if time is lacked
why don’t you understand that even Mt Everest can crack
you call me as my best friend
but forget its duties
believe me when i tell you
I need you more that you ever need me.
the lashes of life are so much painful
and its force, grows days and night
your body and mind is covered with welts
like they are from birth right?
i say i cant bear it anymore
but there is none to hear your your plea
All you have to do is simply accept it
All you have to do is simple, accept it
Ask anyone friend, foe, philosopher or guide
says the same thing “flow with the tide”
But i do not pass away
why ?
why don’t I pass away?
I wouldn’t be writing this poem if I knew that anyway.
I do not intent to blame God
He has much of life to care on Earth and He has given me a Lot.
I’m just a dead weight falling from the sky
on the horizon where the sun says good bye
I cant bear it anymore
because i cant recognize me
even when i look into the mirror for hours and see
i cant find a better way to express my sorrow
but to write a poem that comes deep below from my bone marrow.
I’m done with everything that is known to me
for there is no happiness or i do not see
to all those whom i gave hope
a message to you my friend and my foes
come to my aid in times of this
for this will reveal the true nature of your friendship.
I’m done with my life
like a million sun’s alike
Burning me like hell
but alas my friend
there is no one, no one whom I can trust and whom I can tell.


Any word of your's on mine?

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