The world will be yours to take
And you can decide your own fate
Only if you follow your dream
Only from the very beginning

Sometimes Life closes its doors
Maybe because it’s good for those
Who need circumstances to get up in roars
To follow themselves in the world of chaos

You are called to change the world
To put a dent on the universe
Not to live like a simple peasant
But to thrive & go deep in the ocean

So I say Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
For you will have the life you have ever imagined
Every Story has an end and a beginning
You never loose a game, for you’ll learn or you’ll win

Just open your eyes in the sky
See how your much further your wings can fly
You sail with the wind and the tide
For you are not your darkness but the light

You sail with the wind and the storm
For you dare attempt to go beyond
You be like a hurricane
And the world will remember your name

You will make mistakes in the past
Present or in the future
Believe me when I tell you
Life doesn’t comes with a book or a scripture

For I believe your life is a garden
Your thoughts are its seeds
If your life hasn’t been awesome
You have only been watering the weeds

If you fail to achieve your dreams
Change your ways of thinking
Remember trees do not change their feet’s
For they just shed their leaves


Any word of your's on mine?

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