I’ll Be

Sometimes people are beautiful
Not in their looks
Not in what they say or do
But because there’s a good soul in you

A word of sane advice
Never test good people in your life
Cause they are like diamonds in a coal mine
When you hit them
They will not break apart
For they are the strongest element

Never test diamonds by their appearance
You never know their worth until your fingers have worn them
You ignore them, you overlook them
You fail to identify them
And in no time you will know than, you have lost them

You know who your enemies are
Those who want to destroy you verbally mentally and physically
You want to know why they are your enemies
For they have an answer for everything

Relations never die a normal death
They suffer the harsh torture of ego and of ignorance
And when they can’t hold any longer
They are murdered by the one stronger

When I’m silent
It doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say
It just means
I don’t want to hurt your feelings

So I say one last time

I’ll be the sun to make you shine
I’ll be your wind for you to fly
I’ll be your rock to shelter you from every shock
If you just listen for one more time
Nothing is impossible when you are mine

I’ll be your guide in your darkness
I’ll be your nightingale in the night
I’ll be the one who will sit beside you all day
And just look at your sight

I’ll be the one to fall in love
I’ll be the one to give you the greatest hug
I’ll be the one to shed my blood if you ever need mine
If you just listen to me one more time
Nothing is impossible when you are mine

I’ll be the one to be your sword
To protect you when you fear the darkness and the roar
I’ll be your dreams in the middle of the night
So that you can sleep with a good smile

I’ll be the one to cry for you
When you are not there
Even if you leave me buddy
I’ll always wait for you here.

I’ll be the voice in your head
In your final moments
When you die in my lap
And I in your vein

I’ll be the crazy one
To make you laugh again
And to make you cry in the sight of me
One last time in the abodes of heaven


Any word of your's on mine?

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