Is your silence your ignorance?
Is talking to you a rare grace?
Who do you think you are?
My best friend?

Have you lost all your sense?
Knowing that I’m hanging from a uneven stance
Any moment could be last breadth
And still you do not respond

You think I’m a dead weight?
A Lost cause a Lost crate
You think dumping me
Can leave you of your agony

Good for you to grasp to opportunity
To take your life beyond eternity
You know I’ve loved you
You know it hurts every moment the silence of you

Do you even care to see that I exist?
That what it does to me?
No I don’t know or I do not see
Why if I ask you, I won’t get answer from thee

What happened to you?
That charming that beauty
Looks like you are not in your own body
My friend you are the only sweet candy in my bitterness

My last hope of happiness
My last line of defence
My ray of hope
In the darkness

Please I beg you
If you can
Come back home
Please I beg you
If you can
Talk to me again.

Believe me it hurts like hell
Without talking to you every moment
If only you understood this
I would have not written this poem.

I know you meant life
For whom I can set the world’s gem aside
And I do not want you to be the cause of my death
For I know you won’t be able bear it


Any word of your's on mine?

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