Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything
Maybe it’s all about unbecoming everything
That isn’t you
So you can be who you truly want too.

You will never know what lies beyond
If you haven’t tried to venture into the unknown
You will never know how much winds your sails can hold
If you don’t go out of the docks and roll

We always feel that lives of others are better
But we forget that for someone else we will be others forever
We tend to forget what beauty we still have
The gifts of eternity, our own life to brag

We keep our pains and our gains to ourselves
But we forget that we live among the chronicles
Of brave men and women
Who becomes the strength if they are united till the very end

Maybe life isn’t a journey at all
It’s a fantasy to live on
Who knows what lies among us
And what we can become

The earth wasn’t built on one day
So are you my friend
Wait for your opportune moment
To strike down your very opponent

And to become the one the true one
The fate built in your own hands
Believing in the saying of the old
Fortune always favours the bold

Maybe life isn’t a fantasy of stars
It all about finding who you really are
And knowing what is your very purpose
Following your intuition to your very success

Maybe Life is not about knowing who you are
It’s about to conquer the world
To turn it into dust and rebuilt it among the stars
But one must conquer one self first


Any word of your's on mine?

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