I am One In a Million

High above or down below
You saw the mighty shadow
That one which is still holding you back
From reaching your goals

I know what it feels to be in chains and in dungeons
It feels like a dragon whose wings just got chained
I know it hurts so much that I can’t explain

Believe me when I tell you
I’ll die on my feet than bend my knees
For I’m a fighter a warrior not some corrupt kings

I got that message from the sky above
To lose your wings and to go above
To reach your destination

If you don’t have one
Don’t worry my old friend
Create a path and a new place
Which people call them their destination

I am light as a feather
And tide with the weather
To ride across the sky like a mighty leader

I am strong as rock
Can withstand any shock
To defend and protect from anyone above

I am humble as the droplets on the grass
In the morning light, light as a dust
To sparkle and glow in my own
Without knowing when will I go

I am the captain of the ship
Knowing the sea on my lip
Guiding my own destiny in my immensity

I am the master of the castle
Protector of the realm
To defend the land from the mighty elves

I am the writer of the poem
The thinker of the same
Where my mind is busy sowing
The seeds of innovation

It lights my brain
Ignites the sane
To become insane
And to write again

It’s a drug
Which goes down my gut
Gives me the power to innovate

My mind is like a flower
Like a floating Dover
Hovering the vast ocean

I am unique
A piece of God is there in me
For he created me in his own image
In his own creativity
I’m never changing who I am
For there’s a Jesus in me
For I am the voice of my own
For I am the one in a million
I am the one in a million


Any word of your's on mine?

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