Can you be Mine

Tell me who I am
In the midst of this sham
I don’t know how to taste the very ocean

I want to know how the world looks like
I want see it all from your eyes
I want to melt in your spirit and drown in your soul
To be what it is to be in your mould

Tell me what I am
Capable or not
To conquer it and see
Will the whole world ever bow down to me

I just wana live in peace and in harmony
To keep my dignity and embrace eternity
To open my hearts and to love thee
For you are my eyes and my sea

Look into my eyes
What do you see, please answer me
You silence has started killing me
Isn’t the fires of life are burning

Isn’t the great flame burning in the zeal?
Aren’t there the hopes of ambition you see

But for whom will I do this all
I have no ambition to rule at all
I’m an inventor, a creator and an explorer of lands
I’m do not know how to rule the bands

Will you be there with me
Till the days end
Will your hands touch mine
When the sun sheds its dying breath

I wondered if you ever say yes
To any of my questions

You are so beautiful
Like the pale light of the new-born sun fighting its way to reach the ocean
The world can be mine
But I will trade them for all you every time

Can the spark in me delight
In the very fantasy of yours in mine
Can it burn like the fires of the sky
The calm and cool bluish scars of mine
Can it make you mine


Any word of your's on mine?

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