Its okay you know

When you love someone
You truly make efforts to show it
No matter what happens
You tell me that you love me
But you never wanna show it

I literally worshiped you in the name of love
And this how you repay me this is what I get in return
Wow I’m losing my mind
It’s not the reality I ever dreamt of this really isn’t,
Someone please tell me that this isn’t happening

I’m damaged beyond repairs
Cracked in the core
Shattered in so many pieces
You will never know

I’ve given you my best
My last piece of rest
My time and my shine
And you are busy all the time

I know it’s hard for you to tell me to go
I know that is why all you do is to ignore
Don’t worry I’ll try talking to my heart
And let it know that the word which meant life to me is no more

I will try to be okay and to take care of myself
I have forgiven you no matter what you do for my love is the same for yourself
I will cry or I will die is not of you’re to worry
I have someone who can now take care of me

He is a friend of both of us
He’s name is Jesus Christ
Men and women can leave you apart
But he will never do such thing I know right

Its okay you know if there was a mess
I will clean it up even which you create
I took an oath to myself to be loyal to you
For I’m still your best friend even dumping me is what you do

Its okay you know don’t take any stress
You will always be alright and popular among them
I will always love you till my dying breath
For even if your love was untrue for me, mine will be always be the same

Its okay you know now I understand
Why you had excuses
I just wonder what would have happened if you have told me this before
Directly on my face

Its okay you know please be a dauntless
To speak what’s going in your mind someday
I would have gone long before leaving you gay
I would have cracked so much but not be haunted

I’m damaged beyond repairs
Cracked in the core
Shattered in so many pieces
You will never know

Its okay you know don’t you cry
You haven’t done anything wrong, the fault was always mine
Try to get courage and move on
I have a request though; do not break hearts of another one

It’s okay you know that I will manage
Maybe or maybe not
How will I know?
I will try my very best you know.


Any word of your's on mine?

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