One True Good Shepard

Praise the lord god in the highest
For he makes it possible for us, for paradise to test
Open your mouth and sing at your best voices
Bring incense and worship in his greatness

He makes my ocean to calm down
Storm to go down
And a lot more that
Gives me the meaning of life once again

He is an ever-loving
Overjoying awesome piece of light
On whom yours every part will shine
For he is amazing

Jesus this is for you
For you gave me back
What I thought hopeless
What I thought someone’s ignorance

Thank you Christ
Thank you
I’m so much awe of your might
I trust you more and more
For I know I can lay down weapons and adore

My god my lord
My councillor and my friend
My hope in the darkness
And my life in death

I have no word to describe how happy I am
To receive you, to be with you
And for what you have given me
You are the one thing we all should peruse

For if you are there with us
And once we accept that
We will part of living miracles
Day after day like an it has no end

I am so sinful so full of anger and of hatred
Yet you are so merciful, full of greatness
You forgive me every time
And embrace me hold my hand all the time
So that I cannot fall

No doubt you are one true God
The one which loves
Which cares about the flock
The one true good Shepard

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