The Story

There’s a story in everyone
A story to be told
But if you have no one to tell
How much can you hold

There’s a story in everything
A story to rhyme
If you can’t say it enough
You just have to shoot blind

There’s a story in me and you
A secret among us
It’s like a game of thorns
And a bed of rose

There’s a story in every life on earth
A story in every soul
If you don’t have a story to tell
Your fighting without a goal

There’s a story in every life
A story to write
If you are not a writer yet
Just Be one tonight

I’m a story writer
I write poems for me
For if you don’t see my cries
You just have to read

I write songs for me
When im happy
You just have listen to it
When you are not with me

I can write up my life
And I can be seen
My mind is like a bee hive
It’s like a giant big sea

I don’t know what comes out
Or when it will
Only i know what it tells me
Is all that you can see

I’m limited by my mind’s eye
I’m limited to be told
For My mind has a mind on its own
And i write what it enrolls

There’s a writer inside everyone
A writer in every soul
You just have pick your pen
And write according to your soul

I would write and write
And Keep on writing
For when im ever tired of writing
Im be a dead weight drowning in the tide

So i can prove the world
That pen is mightier than sword
For if you ever create something new
You get into a whole new world

So this is my story everyone
A story of my life
Until i give up my life
I’ll Promise I’ll write.


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