I’m coming One Day

Cloud 48

It has been a long night
And days light a long way
I don’t know if I’ll survive
On the way

I played the games right
Only if the rules were right
But I fought hard to win
Alas only thing I got is defeat

I saw the black hole closing it’s doors
I knew it was the last change for me to go
I knew if I talk with someone
I’ll be weak and jeopardize it all

I knew if I cry
My weakness will be hard to hide
And I will lose again
The door will Close with me being just outside

I thought I’m one of the snipers
The élite of the soldiers
The pride if the army
And the last hope of the country

I am never trained to fight head on
For there casualties occur
I am trained to.fight from the hide
So that victory is only mine

I made a blunder last night
By sharing my grand plan to you right
I know if my big mouth could stop
I could have won in getting what I thought

Brother I’m sorry I failed you again
But don’t you worry I’ll pray that I meet you again
There can be silence in the darkness
But there is peace
The only one thing all your life you demanded was to be free
I don’t know if I can give you that
I don’t what to say
Only I can tell you hold on baby
For I’m coming for you one day.
I’m coming one day


Any word of your's on mine?

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