One True King

Cloud 28

Am I weak or am I strong
Who are you to tell me I’m. Wrong
My life is mine and mine only
And I belong to one true king

To no one have I pledged my allegiance
But to the one true king
Of heaven and on earth
With Might heart
Who for me died on the cross

I grew up in pain and in the rain
But he has always hold my hand
I know never he will leave me
For he has loved me

When im sad
Angel he sends to me
To make happy
When im wrong
He holds my hands and tells me
Please don’t go wrong

When im angry
He makes me laugh
When im crying
He  wipes it out

For there is a one true king
Who has always been
With me

Oh jesus christ
My lord my god
The one and only
Savior of all

Oh Jesus Christ
The one true king
Of heaven and earth
And of eternity

Oh Jesus
Come to me
And show me
The life’s meaning

I kneel to you
And I bow to you
And I beg you
To be with me

Oh Jesus Christ
My lord my god
My friend in need
And the savior
Of all.


Any word of your's on mine?

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