The bends and turns are with im born
Touching the clouds white and gone
Sun rays are falling on
My body

Last night
I felt the rain
The tremor of the trees insane
The winds shattered the rocks

Today i see the sunshine
The clouds are moving on mine nine
Rainbows are sparking in the light
Oh I’m right

Im the path
Wide and long
Im a road of the Sun
I’ll lead you wherever you want


People go and people stay
People build and people lay
On me and my belly
Tell me something i dont know

I’m the path
Of the heavens
I’m the map
Of the destination
I can be the path to victory or to destruction

I am long
And I’m strong
People say I’m wrong
If they can’t go where the want

Oh Im the road
I’m the road
I’m the path
Of the Lord
I’m the sword
Of the warrior
Oh I’m the Road
I’m the Road.


Any word of your's on mine?

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