So thats me

The sun is rising
And I’m dying
And i had to wake,myself up

Shit i said to me
When i knw that I have a day to live
When i knw that I won the fight of the night

I would go up in and freshen up
And then go forth to break the fast
And then i would
Pass into to my beautiful world

Its a cold dark place
Lit in a blueish haze
And it’s a lonely place
But a lovely place
And I love to stay on it
I love to stay

Everyday i have these daam phase
Like without a pausing races
Like I’m moving without graces
To stay

I move on

Struck on the ground
On the mud clad round
Like a captured hound
Old enough to sound
Like I’m bound
On a merry go round
Which moves on and on
I move on

I don’t want any of you
On my world turned zoo
It’s goes on a loop a loop
Cause i knw destruction is what you’ll  do

I am a fantasy
It’s a brand new hobby
For i am only me

I move on

I know in hanging from the edge of the sword
I know I’m gonna die soon
I know im on a dangerous game of all
For If i fail skys will rain hail loose

But i move on

Every single day is a fight of me
One with the enemy is only me
Every single moment
I fight to live on

People don’t understand me
They have never ever have been
Cause they think that im exaggerating

I move on

I don’t know how much can I hold
I don’t know what my depression all about
I don’t know if the next moment is for me
I don’t know what I can see or not
I move on

Its been a lonely world
A place of lost
But i love that place
Cause there’s no one to command

I’m the king of my world
The Ruler of my Sea
I’m the painter of my world
I paint accordingly
I’m the dreamer of my world
For all I dream
I’m a leader of my world
Where i lead me

For its my world
It’s my own
It’s what I’ve created of my own
For its my only remaining peace zone.

Don’t take it of from me
If u want me to live
For if you change my routine
You will give me no choice but to leave
This world

So that it me.
That’s, me.


Any word of your's on mine?

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