Sometimes sometimes i dare to dream
That though i live
And as i live
Am i truely free

Everyday i feel like im dying on the wind
But i know death never come easy
So i pray to get it every night to three
But i know it’s lost before my creed

Sometimes day and night
Thought haunt me
Shadows of the might
And the fears of thee

You were mine
Only mine
And you were me

Now that I’ve Lost you
In the midst of thee
So i knw and i knw
There nothing for me
On the world of eternity

So i say i would go
And climb of the cliff
Then i watch if anything can hold back me
When i found thats no a single thing for me
I’ll jump from there
Into the 1000 feet
And i say to me
You are free
And I love you baby
For You are truely free.


Any word of your's on mine?

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