If it was a dream
I would have been
Woken up by now
But unfortunately it’s not
So I believe I’m going down

When dream becames realty
And reality dream
When all you see
Is nothing but a pale hazed scene

Like the eye which you see the world
Or the ears by which you hear
Have been scratched to its edge
Right from the center

Like those limits which founded humanity
Have faded away
Like those pillars of society
Have futility on its way

I thought life was a challenge
A game of chess
Where you used to play
With various levels of opponents

I thought it was good and fair on its way
I came out from the truth
And came to know how a lie is made
I thought though it was fair play

When you are good
When you are helpful
When you are full of use
You find people like bee’s to get the best of you

When you are down
When you are lost
When you feel you can’t go anymore
Those who were with you seems to be busy all day long

They say they will be your best friends
Even after you die
I doubt that and ask why wait till then
When I’m in front of you when I’m still alive

I don’t know what to say anymore
For I know everything becomes futile
When you left me all alone

Maybe I’ll survive this
Maybe I’m not
But let me tell you one thing
You’ve broken my heart

Don’t worry I’ll forgive you
For you are not worthy of my anger
People get angry with those who know
That they are closer

Maybe it was all my fault
Maybe it was me
Who was not of your worth
Not fit to thee

I’ll try to calm down
And not overreact
You know in these past months
I have understood what that word ment very well from your mouth.

It’s not very tough job
Is it you tell me?
To say a say a hi
Wont even take more time than you blink

It’s okay sorry maybe I’m over reacting
I’ll stop here or you’ll start crying
No never do not get me wrong
I will not blame you
You did your best to me
You kept me strong
Now if I’m weak now
It’s all my fault
For I know now what was right
And what is wrong.


Any word of your's on mine?

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