You were busy yesterday
Busy tomorrow
Today i fear to ask
For i knw that answers won’t be any different from the day others

People say perspective change
Changes in preferences
I believe if you have given your word to someone
You must fullfil it.

Words mean nothing
When they are empty
When action says otherwise
For there is nothing left than shame and pitty

You tell me that you love me
But you are busy to express it
I thought i was also one of your first priority
I’m afraid that now I’m one of your exces
I ddnt knew people can so suddenly turn their faces

To some you mean work
Some comes to you for purpose
Alas in the midst you forget to identify
Who just wanted to love

I’ll tell my heart everything
Don’t you worry for a day
I’ll not mention for once your name 
For I thought your name ment warmth and was full of life Not full of pain

I think it’s just a misconception
That we are still gost friends
It was hyped from the very beginning
Only I was foolish enough not see where it came

I never believed that this day would come
When all i ever want is to go beyond
The life that I got is a gift from someone
But my shoulders are burning with pain
And big boulders

I thought there was a way out from here
But i know that only one thing I can do is to bear
I have one good friend still alive with me
The one gift which I receive when I was a new born baby
I can write my tears and wrap it up in my words
For even if they stain
They will remain safe
From the rest of the world.

I’m done doing nothing
And done with my life
I’m just counting days
How many I have and how many till I say Goodbyes

People say I’m depressed
I say otherwise
I just live in my world
My world of bright

That gives me light
To overcome this darkness
That gives me hope
To fight my sadness

That gives me the wings
Again to fly
And to paint with bright colors in my black and white mind.


Any word of your's on mine?

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