I was your shadow
Your only soul
But you enjoyed me in full
And let me go

I was your shadow
The only rainbow to you
But you rejected me in retun
And left me alone

I was your shadow
But you act like you haven’t seen me never before
Never really I  expected you like this
But now i really know what truth is.

Don’t pretend like nothing happened
I know i was loyal to the last end
And this is all i get
Betrayal at its best

I was your shadow
Casting over all your good and bad ness
Being with you thought ages
And this is what I get

I was your shadow
The reason for you to live
You told me i completed you
Like no one indeed

Now I’ve learnt
How you used me
To cast your own shadow
In your own greed

But you forgot that before I loved you
I was El Diablo
I was somewhat someone
Who you should not mess up with
Now I will hunt you
Take all of your kinds
For you took out
The Worst in mine

Now I’ll take all your precious
And everything that you hold dearest

Don’t worry my revenge
Never ends
For its just the beginning
The story is a long to end

I’ll boil you up in hot water
And make you clean
And whip you in chains
Until it wipes away your sins

I’ll cane you I’ll beat you
I’ll make you bent
Your knees maybe strong
But I’ll make them break

Sumbit to me
And live on your knees
Otherwise don’t worry
The pain story is just the beginning

I’ll put in you chains
And put lemon in your welts
Carmalizing you body
With every bit of saltiness

I’ll put hot oil in your wounds
And make you scream
Trust me no help will come
For thee

You’ll ask me
Please kill me
I’ll tell you
No baby
I’m not a murderer
So I’ll let you live

My intentions are good
But my method are unique
To inculcate fear in you
Is the only motive

I was your shadow
You told me
Don’t worry until you die
I have promise to keep.

Years are years
And decades will pass
I can pretty much assure you
You can’t identify yourself
In front of the mirror
Even for once.

You played with me
Broken my soul
You broke away my heart
And the mind i own

I was monster from birth I know
But I was trying my very best
To change for you
And to get back normal

You played with me and
And thought it’s over
I’m not one of those who forgets
All those tortures.

I understand you are frustrated looking at me now
But trust me
I’m your master
And you know how.

I’ll make you pay for what you have done
I’ll even skin you alive if i get a chance
Don’t worry but that would be easy
I’m a dark brother now
A shadow of suffering
And a painful devout
The one without any mercy.


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