Talk to me

Like we are interested in you fan fantasy
Like we are nothing but the bees
Trying the hard way to geta few drops
Of what the queen ordered

How can i
You tell me
Ignore the person in front of me
And go after someone who has left me

How can I
You tell me
That my mind blocked by your thoughts only
If i cant move on

If there’s a way
Tell me how
For I’ve waited
Long now

Say the words
To forget you
And I’ll take it as your will

23 thousands miles apart
You think my mind is limited by that
You think I’m weak
That i cant get up

Never expected from you
Can you do this.

Priority changes great
But you tell me something different
Ghost Friends remember
How is that become stranger

When I’m alive and I’m alone
You are there only though your words
im dead
How can 2 drops of tear can Change

All this is happening

You know what i see
I see there is light from all the buildings
Trying there best their last piece of test
Pushing limits to omit the darkness

But isn’t it the fact
That the day is born
And the night is dead
But when day is alive
You can’t rest

You’ll say
Well said
Wah Clapps.
Devine voice and all sorts
Believe me i never wanted that
I just wanted you talk to me

That you talk to me


Any word of your's on mine?

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