Just Being Me

Just Being Me

Sometimes I wonder if you can wear the Invisibility cloak
And for once just come to my house and see
What I’m going through
And who I am me

Sometimes I wish there was someone
Whom I can share my cries and breathe
That thin  air flows on the surface of earth
Needed for living

Maybe my wish is too much to be granted
Maybe I know why I’m so depressed
Maybe ill die and then ill know who cries
And mourns for my life

2 am I’m writing a song
And they think that I’m chatting with someone
I’m writing my life, friend
I’m wring my thoughts
For I don’t have anyone else to share my sorrows

Why don’t they understand
I cant live without my poems
They are the only things which helps me to dream
And alas lets me breathe

They think I’ve a friend
Who keeps me awake till the middle of the night
When the cloak goes past midnight
They think I’m awake for her
Whom i thought to be a friend of mine
But how can i tell them
That they are wrong
Now I’m just me , just left with my songs?

Is to to much to ask to breathe
The thin needed just for living
Is it too much to ask to live
In the midst of just being me?

Just being me?

Maybe I’m just overreacting
Maybe I just cant let it go
Maybe I’m just pausing for the time being
To write a new division

Sometimes I wonder how is it that people live
When they get their biggest grieves
And hear the news of their best defeats
And get the worst betrayals from the most loyal generals on the battle fields

My thumb is twitching
As I’m writing
I don’t know whats wrong
The last thing on earth I want is the disease named Parkinson

What should I do
Can you tell me
One more time
Cause I over my limit of being normal this time.


Any word of your's on mine?

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