Song of my Life

I’m a sailor of high seas
A sailor of the Sky
I’ve lost my path
Off the chart
I’m wondering
On the light
I’ve Lost my spark
My appetite
I’ve lost the memories
Of pleasant sight
I’ve lost the warmth
Of human care
The feeling of being near

I’ve lost the feeling
Of being alive and death
To me now
I am dead
I’ve Lost the sweetness of my scent
Into bitter perspiration

Into the hearts of mine
When i look deep inside
I do not find the reason
Why Im so depressed
Why I’m so  sad
What is disturbing me, with being what I have

Into the deepest corners of my mind
When I wondered off there in sight
I see a vast ocean
An ocean of Unknown
An ocean beyond my zone of comfort

I do not taunt you
Nor do I intend.
To hurt you
Is never my intent.
Its that, that my heart is broken
In pieces i cant count
When the arrows of betrayal
Went through the layers arround

I know the fault is mine
It’s is me who was wrong
For i thought myself
To be worthy of yours

So please forgive me
When my innerself
Goes out through pieces of my heart
For if I knew where the fault lies
Ive tried to mend it apart

I’ve lost the very momentum
Of my life
The curiosity, which keeps humanity alive
I’ve lost the tune in my heart
And the beat on my mind
For the end is near to song of my life

I don’t know if there is one
More line I should add
I fold my hands and tell you not be sad
When I come to you
The next time
Please if you can give me a gift
The gift of my choice
The gift of eternal peace.


Any word of your's on mine?

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