Hailing Night Storm
Chilling cold breeze
No place to rest
Or to breathe

Quite lands
Distant sands
Like I’m all alone
In this dead sea

A quest without any reward
And a goal without a vision
A distance created
That can never be mend

Wait Wait Wait
I say to myself
Wait till darkness begins
For once your in bed
And everyone asleep
You and your pillow
Enter into the very best friendship

It hears your pain
It hears your cries
Wipes the tear like rainbows in sky
Foolish pillow,
Tries it best for me to mend
For me to mend

But oh my dear pillow
You forget that my heart is hollow
The innermost is already broken
The outer walls tries it’s best to keep it together that it dosnt fall open

I’m lucky
Very lucky
I have a pillow to cry on
For trust me If i ddnt have one I ddnt knew what to do Son

My good pillow
Don’t worry someday
I’ll try to stop
Become strong and make my lids strong enough to hold each tear drop

Oceans apart
Dawn Starts
A story is yet to begin
For now in the sky
I see the rim
Once again I want to breathe
The air of my choice
And I want to speak
The word of my voice
Last but not the least
I want to feel again
How is it to be alive
And how to stay sane.


Any word of your's on mine?

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