Visions of Mine

Visions of Mine

Falling down the ridges
used to hurt more
than it is now

Burning in the tears of flame
makes me see the world
Full of wow’s

It was day I thought it was mine
but oh my bad it was still night
Illusions & Delusions
are part of life

Seeing someone change so very fast
like adapting for its very existence
wow amazing
Darwin buddy you are amazing.

when I’m mad people thing I’m normal
when I’m normal they thing I’m wrong
when I’m high they think I’m low
when I’m down they just try me to dispose

Desires expectations friendships
are nothing but fantasies

they try to make you forget
Life’s reality
pain pain and pain
Life always puts in the rain

sometimes skies create them
and sometimes you do
for your eyes are pure
they are somewhat insane

Why why why
I ask bashing my head in the wall
Blood blood blood
coming from all

No its silent now
for it has to prove its existence
No its not like that
its silent cause its insane

Hurting someone who really cares for you
is as easy as throwing a stone
in the big ocean
but trust me you don’t know how deep it goes

Then saying even if I’m sorry
you don’t change
you you have given up on me
and this relation

Trust me
I’m impressed by your decision
for after all
you are nothing but a women.

bang bang bang
no your wrong
whack whack whack
no more negative talk

Women are equal
they are good
don’t generalize them
for they give you birth

ah cries in pain
those red lines are made of cane
Wow I say to myself
you call cruel when you beat me insane.

hahaha laugh laugh laugh
more 7 to go
Once I hit my 100
Trust me Ill go

What will happen more
Ill have to answer to god
why you did this
its all wrong and all what you did

I’ll keep silent for i don’t know why
God if you are there somewhere in sky
Look into my eye
cant you see why
I did this to me hurting no one beside.
hurting no one beside


Any word of your's on mine?

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