The Pain

Mind is nothing but a Subject of life
Many has there languages to define what its like
I have my own words as they feel to me
For they make me feel better and bring the best in me

Sometimes Fightings tears
Somtimes Holding them up
Sometimes you just have to smile
When your broken pieces are lost

People don’t see your pain
They don’t give daam to your cries
All they are interested in your mistakes
which you do all your life

When your fears are down
and your tears gone
trust me that moment
you become less human & more stone

Trust me that happening
And it was inevitable
For all my feelings are vanishing
and everything turning unbearable

Yet they ask why are you sad
whats wrong with you
We given you so much love
by being with you

Yet when you try to get into my world
Where you want to explore
Trust me When I say I’m in a mess
And you can’t cause I’m in a stupor

I say all is true and your efforts are very good
Yet everything you said is Right & just
but trust me I need more than pieces of that
To join the broken pieces of my broken heart

I don’t care if tomorrow I get up and see
The world that I knew from birth
Now is not what I believe
I don’t care if the media says
Our sun is down
For I know I have other problems to take care off rather than roaming arround
I’m fighting my own battles
and fighting them hard
When I needed reinforcements
My call was never heard

People are so mean these days
Or they are not
But trust me
you are a human being, that they forgot

One Day if I see the air I breathe
I would ask it where were you in my time of need?
The same would go to every soul there
who performed well in adding layer after layer

I believe it is not a feeling that I feel
It’s just a veneer of them kept together to yield
Once you made their sum-total you’ll get a new name
you can call them finally The Pain


Any word of your's on mine?

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