Cloud 24

Let me explain it to you today
That there’s a “beauty in death”
For it’s a place of eternal rest
It’s a place without hatred
No pain no gain
No fear to lose someone whom you cared insane.

There only silence prevails
Only silence reigns
Oh one thing about it that
It’s an amazing sensation
It’s a tool of mine
For when I’m silent
I can explore my mind

Trust me I’ll not have to take part
In unnecessary arguments
Neither do I have to go through
Ever Taunting comments

They will come near me
Try to touch my skin
By that time I’ll be cold
And already lost all my feelings

They will come near me
Try to kiss me
Decorate me with flowers
All they try to say is sweet long prayers

They will come near me
With questionable eyes to bid one final Goodbye
And trust me
I’ll not have to answer
To all those Why’s

They will come near me
To show their love
To let me know that they are so very upset
For this great loss

Death is nothing but being busy all the time
They were so long when I needed them in my life
People never get angry when someone dies
But trust me to prove their love, they will cry

No don’t think I want their cries
Or want to see them in pain
I just want to get out
To get released from this Jail

Everyone loves me here too much
With the exception of understanding me as such
There’s a phrase I want to say here
Death is never meant that my End is near.

Some say it’s Paradise out there
Some say its Sovenguard
Where the mighty Nords go
After they expires

Oh probably you don’t know
What I’m talking about
It’s a stupid game
That I used to play in my laptop.

I told you I’m Spetznaz
The élite of the forces
I’ll tell you where I’ll go
But never give you my sources

You’ll always know my intentions
But never can you track me with any tensions

It’s inevitable now
For nothing can Change
I know where I’m going
For it’s the only way.

My parents can’t handle two children
At a single time
But I’m sure my youngest cousin who lost her mom in their care Will shine
I’m not a Coward who you think me
I’ll complete my mission to find If I’m worth it.

I’ve lived long
To conquer what I own
Let them cherish
In little of those

I’m ready to take the leap
Any day now
For I do not want any
Of these loose ends to distract me now

I’m not dying for anyone here
Don’t get me wrong
For I just wanted to know
What in there

I’m a poet
I write for my life
When my poems Stop coming
Just know that I’ve died.


Any word of your's on mine?

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