Just Like Me

My poems are my soul
My blood and my bone
They are my mind
Expressed through words in various time

They are though which i can be free
And take my lives greatest leaps
They are my creations
My own baby

They are unique
Just like me

Cloud 9 (17)

My poems will make you dream in your life
And show how the world is though my eyes
Sometimes they will make you laugh
And sometimes, just cry

Sometimes it will take you beyond the rhyme
In the darkest corners of my mind
Make you a traveller of time
In the deepest memories of mine

My poems are my life
My sword and my shield
My warriors attire
In this battle-field

I live in them
And they in me
Making us an inseparable being

For sometimes they urge me to write
And sometimes I lean on them to cry
Trust me they are mine
They are mine

I’m not a poet
Never dream of being one
I’m just a traveller
Just trying to move on

I can connect with them
And they with me
Like they are always hidden
Deep below my skin

For they unique
Just like Me
If only the world opens their eyes and see
For they are beautiful
If one knows how to read.
For the are Unique
Just like me


Any word of your's on mine?

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