Cloud 9 (16)

Life is Simple
Its Just a game
All you have to do is to know
How to play

Life is Rhythm
A place of growth
It’s a steady machine
To change your souls

Life is Change
Everything everywhere
Like some form of memories
Gone so rare

Life is Living
The dream you already have
Until another one
Wakes up to surpass that

Its Chasing what you Choose
And achieving your goal
To answer all the who’s
To all your fellow souls

Life is Giving your Best
In what you Love
Even if it fails
Don’t fear to get up

Life is a Feeling
A curiosity of some kind
Where you explore yourself
Every moment every time

Life is Love
With one’s own self
And being selfish
On your very own way

Life is Staying Strong
And putting a smile on your face
When every other element
Has gone astray

Life is Forgiving
All those person’s life
Who forgot you
When you were half alive

Life is a Journey
Where you travel light
Cutting the dead weights
Away from your life

Life is forgetting you past
And embracing your future
Caring with the present
For you have a Destiny to nurture

Life is Living Your own way
But sometimes keeping others in front
Is just awesome
To be with them on their dark days

Life is a Gift
From whom we call God
A creation itself
And a masterpiece of art

Life is a Responsibility
Of one’s own
Believing that once the gates are open
You just have to go.

It’s a Competition
To be the best
To be the better one
Than you were yesterday

It’s a Choice
To wake up or sleep
To pursue your dream
Or Regret accordingly

It’s a Ground
To Showcase you talent
To make yourself a leader
And others will follow

Life is a Poem
It has its phases
Some parts are really good
And some are like stupid bad phrases

Life is Painting
With all that you have
Making it more beautiful
From every last attempt

Life is Music
That you can play
You can’t play high notes
All the time, keeping the low one away

Life has a Meaning
Meant on its own
Its a secret you come to know
When you’ve lived all days of old

Life is sharing what you know
and Knowing what you don’t
For you have a finite existence
For you have just One life of your Own.


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