Night Life

Cloud 9 (13)

It’s Quite,  It’s Dark
It’s so full of Music
When the only beat you heart makes
And of the whisper when you breathe

It’s a Bright , a sight
On a Pale Light
Solace is the perfect word
Here to describe

Have you ever thought
What is night?
I would say it’s the way of life
For its night life.

It’s the time when you stop chasing your dreams
And enter their domain
To fix those very elements
That was holding back them

It’s the time to realize
Who you are
Are you a Soldier of war
Or a simple Nightcrawler

It’s the time when you explore
Your hidden fantasies
Days can lock your doors
But in here you find those keys

When the light of world have gone dark
And the light of mind just lit up
When those fireflies gathered their speeds
To take off and bring those amazing feeds -we called memories

It’s that time when we stay awake
And our screens never take a break
Then it’s called the Night Life

When the world is at sleep
And clock tick ticks
When gone are those words
Of Rules and of Humanity

When you and your tears are left behind
And when those words come out
And form the Perfect Rhyme
Then my friend it’s called The Night Life

We live we die
We fight with all our might
We sing and Breathe
We whistle and read
The poems what we wrote
For a Millionth time

That my friend is Nightlife.

It’s a time when your lips can’t talk
Even if want to
But your words speak for you
In those One Lines or Two

It’s that time We call it Being Alive
We call it the Nightlife


Any word of your's on mine?

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