The Indian

At the chimes of midnight
When the tri coloured bright
Rose from the heart
To the sky held high

At the end of dominance
End of submission
And acts of violence
In the midst of all of these
Born a New Nation

India, Oh Mother India
You are so great

From the voice of  many
To the acts of bravery
From the shed of blood
And of sweat and dust

From the differences apart
And love of hearts
United stood the creation
From the mother womb
And the grudges tomb
Born a New Nation

India, Oh Mother India
You are so great

Proclaiming the Vastness
For the 69th time
For of it uniqueness
Of the time
Today we celebrate the Independent life
As the sweet essence of freedom passes by

Let the sun never sets in our sky
And let every Indian unite
Remembering that India is mine
Believing in our every might

Believing that we can hit the sky
And touch the ultimate light
Rays of which
Are now at our sight

You are a sensation
My motherland
You are my Nation
My mother

Your Greatest Sacrifice
Led us to be Independent
And gave us this day to celebrate

I’m always proud to be The Indian
So to write this Anthem to My Nation
For it is For the Indian, By the Indian
& Of the Indian

Let this be the Anthem
That is sung
Let all of you become The Indian
To unite your voice
And to choose your choices
To fulfill your duties for the Nation

Then My pledges towards
You my mother will be done
For I am one of The Indian

Cloud 9 (11)


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