Cloud 9 (7)

They fought again today
And as usual the queen blamed it all on the king
Taking up all his past sins
You call it projection
The Prince calls it sensation
That taps His brain
And send Him the signals of impulse
To believe once again
which He Once tried to forget
That after all it she is a Women.

The Prince is not crying
He is just preparing
Just to project the same to his future Queen
Its determined, Its planned
Keeping alive this one to make her understand

Trust me He will make this queen feel everything
Through her skin
While not even touching
As He will do wonders with his own Queen.

He will make her bear witness
to her Cruelty
In Her Body
He will make her bear witness
His loyalty
& His devotion
drawn with the instruments of pain
If only that is what they want
The blows The cane & The tears like rain

Not only with sticks to break the bones
But also the words beneath them
Our flesh which it cuts through and that fresh poison on veins that runs
Making others see those Cold blooded Hearts of Stones

The Prince is ready
To project
His small cognitive distortions
Into a large-scale elimination
Where the victim will be Only One
But the Audience will be None
Except those who started it
And those who wants to end

Today in those eyes
The Prince has seen so much hurt
In his King
That tomorrow
He will Project Burning oils
In the Eyes of her own Queen.

No He is not a dog
That if someone bites him
He will bite him.

But yes when It comes to the very
Question of Existence
He will save the last drop of Oil for his eyes
Rest being poured to those objects of lies

To those queens I say to you

They say A king bows down to his queen.
I agree ,Yes in normal situation
But Now as there is tyranny and there is destruction
I would say Brethren wake up
It’s the time to fight
For its Payback
It’s the time to take back

What is ours
If they do not know
how to show respect

But knows only
To make them permanent
Those scars, they’ve always sent

So as we
So as we
Cause this is war
Its World War three.

The last war of the century
and the last war of Humanity
For the one Who will be remaining
In the Aftermath
Will die in peace
You Wait and see
Only Wait & See

This my sensation
Which tingles my brain
A weary shadow & a Loud Spark
To go insane

I would stop all this Nonsense
If only the Humans
Remain Human
Where Respect is love
Woven between Men & Women


Any word of your's on mine?

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