It ain’t

Cloud 6 (2)

How can you survive
When you have lost your mind
How can you ride
The time of your life

It ain’t for the money
That goes for you
It ain’t for the love
That engulfs you

How can you make my heart
Your only dart
How can you live like
Everything’s torn apart

It ain’t for the word
That you speak
It ain’t for the people
That you meet

What can you do to make
Me talk
What can you do
To take me out on walk

It ain’t gonna work
That is the word
It ain’t gonna shake off
My engines dirt

Going to die
Is such a moments term
Actually dying
Is pain in the bum

It aint easy
I told you before
It ain’t cheesy
To go

What can you do
when emotionally your numb
What can you do
When you get up dumb

It ain’t gonna stop
Coming to you
It aint gonna love
The way you move

For I say
go away
For It’s such
A pain

It ain’t a wonderland
That all your wishes fulfilled
It ain’t such a wasteland
That you can’t get anything
It ain’t a ride home
When you are lost on the sand
Hit your head on the stone
And the blood will come out

Follow that blood
It will take your home
Remember those thoughts
That have haunted you

For when you go up
To your home
Take a shotgun
To shoot them out of your head

It ain’t so realistic
To feel
I know that it was not me

It ain’t so lively
To be Me

To Be Me.


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