Cloud 5 (13)

As the sun goes down and the dark arise
I feel I’m loosing control of my mind
I feel as if my palms are sweaty
My grip is weak
As there is only void where I’ll leap

I can’t hold on much longer but, wait
How much more can I take?
My body begins to shake
And I have run out of tears to shed
So the words are crying for me instead

I never ask why
Why the pain concealed behind those eyes?
For he is like a starless sky, one who still believes the lie
That his life is taking the warmth
From the golden drops of the sun

I write every single night
but to share the tragedies
That have got me killed nearly
Not every one of them can I feel
But not all of them heals

I’m sorry Dad, and I’m sorry Mum.
I never regret what I’ve done
And certainly not, I cannot tell you what went wrong
Maybe there is nothing left to say
When you’re life shoved you down with its mighty rage

You want to hear what I hear
You want to get a sight of what I see
I see the dreams
Where I perish
Where I truly become free

My shaking body lays out on the floor
Leaving my last breath to soar
Eyes swollen with tears
Emptied their vaults of fears
Do you still want to hear more?

Their insults have extinguished me
Their world has driven me far away from being sane
It is they who are no different
For it’s a cold-blooded place
Full of mercenaries, merciless

When the world becomes silent
My mind becomes loud
It’s hard to sleep in that silence
when your thoughts
Just won’t turn down

Tell me have you ever got a cut and you cried?
Did that oozing blood sting enough even if it tried?
Have you ever tried to commit?
Suicide, or did you have the courage to admit?
You see that’s how I feel

Have you ever looked down a thousand feet?
Thought to jump and meet the street?
Have you ever taken the leap?
I don’t think so
That is how every night I feel

You see darkness lies in the mirror
We call “the mind” from our tears
Blurred vision, nothing much clearer his sights
Are biased on what he fears and what he hates
What he wants beyond those heaven’s gates

Those words which come out
At the charms of midnight
Gives the real me
To get on-stage
And share the spotlight

No matter how many curses he says
How many times he wonders its better to be dead
No matter how many time he sees
That those weak, weary face taunting me
He lives in agony

He is scared by his own voice
As if they controls his head
Bound by fear as if he is chained
Defeated by hatred, defeated by men
He lives his life in agony full of pain

It was you who have read my mind now
You have seen what I see
When the lights are turned off
And when I’m with me
Left alone with my Memories
The only lonely


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