The fire of Life

Cloud 5 (10)

Maybe I’m afraid
To face the truth
Maybe I’m exhausted
of all of lies too

Baby I need a break
From everything
Maybe you should leave
from who I am

I wish the world was kind
To be my oubliette
It would be nicer to hid
Beneath a cloud

He learnt to keep a shallow mind
So he may now have to swim inside
He forgot the importance of holding breath
So he drowned on its very depth

Isnt it lovely
To see the dead
Body of the blue
And cold-hearted

The magic of you and me
Are soil
Rising fumes of dead hopes
And joy

They go deep
to leave the bruise
On my heart
To so confuse

Am I frozen
or am I tense
is that the tears
that making me drench

Someone has hurt us
Someone insane
I think that love has
Such a taste

A mixture of hell drips to her feet
It is red, maybe the veins have leak
A safe call from heaven bellows to space
Calling abode to the lifeless

Will there be rain
inside the hell
Or is it the heavens that
Closed its gates

I don’t know what
But why should I hate
Is it the void
That’s in my space


So after he’s on the ground
6 ft below the noise and sound
The last place he would want to be
For the whole world is waiting to see

What’s left of me

I hear the whispers
on my head
Angles are trying to
Take me instead

dazzling twilight
Is all I see
They told your new life
Here begins

It’s a long journey
Ahead of me
I see the chariot
That would take me

To the heaven
I wondered
To the place
Where The sweet fragrance

At last he finds
The truth of all times
That life is nothing but a journey
To ride

We are all but citizens of paradise
On vacations was sent to taste the ice
The thunder inside and
The fire of life
The fire of life.


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