Hello Bloggers,

Let me present you today’s assignment on Gift in Acrostic form using Similes

“A boy lost from the light sings the song of his life” – Gift of Life 

A boat beneath the sky

Beyond the star’s shine
On the cold bloody night
Yet, what a pleasant sight

Lazy Sailer’s waitingCloud 5
On his way to sleeping
Still, believing
That someone will save his life

Fulfilling his duties
Randomly, selective
On living a quarter of the

To his memory
He has never been so
Eagerly to live his life

Lost in the seas
In those mighty cold breeze
Gift, is a warm place
He Seeks, in his dreams
Till he falls asleep

Sometimes back, he Went on the seas
In search the purpose of him
Now he’s lost, from the mainstream
Gifts , he don’t want anything
Sins , his past haunts him

To pursue an unknown gleam
Heading south the steam
Eagerly death is waiting

Sing for him
Oh the Sailer’s hymn
Nightingales , please sing
Gather around, open your mouth and sing

One last time
From the bottom of your life, believe

Hopes all have deceased
Is this not a bad dream
Sea of pains for is, never-ending

Lift him , from this grieve
In him breathe the gift
Fight his demons for him
Eagerly save the life in me




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