Hello Bloggers,

Writing this made me a bit sad,
So many thoughts I ever had,
I won’t share my life-story,
For it’s vague, like a bad memory,
It made my eyes to shed a fewdrops of tears
On my cheeks felt like molten lava erupting from a dead star.

Anyways sorry, this is my version of “His Imperfection” in the form of Limerick trying to use enjambment(sometimes). 

He’s cursed , He’s mean
He has scars all over him
He’s an irresponsible prick
One Who’s wasted in his own daam tricks
For he’s a freak, the monster in living

“Freak’s real
It has its own zeal”
That’s what they all say
Him, When they have met
He says he’s unique, trapped inside this freaky veil

He says “Wounds heal, scars fade
But awful memories form when awful words are said”
The little imperfections of him
Becomes amusement for the entire kin
When they say what those words truly meant

His voice shakes
His heart breaks
For all those acquisitions
If any one of them, with him, would just have blend
His palms sweats hearing what their justice says

“He’s a lie”
“Why don’t he just die”
“He’s a disgrace to her holy womb”
“Don’t go near him, for he’s just doomed”
And so he wishes every day and every night, just to say one final goodbye, one final time

Imagine a world full of perfection
Where roses are red without sharp wooden projections
Where the mountains are all bare
“All places are same” I swear
He says without hesitation

Imagine a world full of perfection
Where people feel same sensation
“Of pain” I mean
“Or of happiness unseen”
He asks the very same question

They say imperfection is a beauty, madness is genius
And it’s always better to be “us”
Than to be someone
And regret later on
For that’s the way to be “the ingenious”

He says ” please don’t judge me
For I do not choose what I’m born to be
I want to be like stars
Not to be perfect but to light myself and en-light others
And to live with my imperfect beauty, beyond space and time, and beyond every-bit of futility”

Cloud 4 (10)




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