Hello Bloggers,

This is not one of my best works, but i tried my best.

I hope you will find it rather interesting.

Let me present you the “Map to a Poem”

Oh poem
You are as precious to me as any gem
With your beautiful words drowns my heart
In your metaphors swims my soul
For in you I am compete as a whole

You are the map of the unknown
Treasures of thousands of gemstones
Crafted in the poet’s mind
Formed in the variations of space and time

I love the rhymes you perform
The rigorous unknown forms you put on
The lovely taste of your story
DeludesΒ my past, present and creates a new memory

Nothing can be more important in my life
Than to read you and, to write
You are true instrument of the poets
The magician of words, they call themselves

You are the life to a son
Desperate to ride the waves of sun
You can stop space and time
Compose the harmony of heart and mind

You are the poem
A poets precious sword
Piecing hearts
Of your readers with your words

You are that trapped energy
That flows inside my body
Unleashed with the dying breath
Once the poem ends

But that energy is unlimited
It is never exhausted
For it continues
When the poet writes a new poem, fresh anew.

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