Go Away

Is is day or its night
Do I have to sleep tight
Tell the monsters to go away
And the Angles to stay

They want to see me broken
Torn apart and shaken
They want to feel my tear drops
And the final sound of my heart stops

My face is full of scars
What to hide from you
Oh people of earth
What do I do?

They can shoot with their words
It will go straight through my heart
They want to tear me apart
And turn me to dust

Please tell them go away
Tell them it’s not their place
Here to stay

Please tell them go away
Tell them it’s not their way
Here to stay


Nevermind how far you go
I will find, the last one of you
When I’ll rise
I’ll break you apart and tear you

You may think you have written
History book with you lies
But I’ll prove the world again
What I can do when I rise

You see the stars and the sun
There is flash of light
Sometimes they cross our path
But they go beside

You were not right, to tell the world
That my life, is nothing but a dream
In my dream I kill you
Conquer your screams

I now stand amid the roar
That I’ve called to victory
The march of light force
Against darkness and trickery

I will win
And I will rise
Before my blood turns ice

I will stay
To protect this gate
While you can run away

I will go
And hunt you down
If you not leave the town

I can swear
On my life
That if you stay
You will die

So please go away
It’s not your place to stay
So please go away
Before I go insane.

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